Build a NoCode Lead Generation SaaS using Airtable and SaaSBox

Team SaaSBox


It is very easy to organize and curate data nowadays thanks to Airtable databases and views. Curating data can save time for someone, and it might be valuable if the data serves a business goal such as lead generation.

There are plenty of lead generation tools out there. However, many niches in lead generation are still good ideas to pursue, if you make it focused on a specific audience, such as this one, made for agencies.

A database can justify being a recurring SaaS, as opposed to a one-time purchase, if the data is frequently updated. If you are interested in building this kind of a data-service as a SaaS, or have other ideas to build with Airtable views, check out our freshly written guide for how to launch a Lead Generation SaaS using Airtable Views, and SaaSBox (our tool).

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